Use Cases

Public Transportation

The Transporation users can track the services and get ETAs to the upcoming stops.

School Bus Tracking

We Track On 'In Smart Schools', App cam be used to send real time alerts tp Parents when the bus is aproaching their designated stop.

Car Dealers

Car dealers can track the Test Drive vehicles and give tracking an option their customers.

Personal Cars

Personal Vehicles Owners can get alerts when the vehicle enters a unsafe area/designated area.

Commercial Trucks

Business Owners can track their trips, Drivers Performance, Delays, Speed Violations, Un authorized Stops etc.

Delivery Serices

Status of the delivery items like Parcels/ Home delivery of Food etc can be tracked.

Sanitation Management

Personal Vehicles Owners can get alerts when the vehicle enters a unsafe area/designated area.

Police Vehicle Management

Complete Central Command Center(CCC) application with emergency services, BEATs route tracking and photo upload options.

Water Tankers Tracking

Municpal Vehicles/ Police Vehicles/ Emergency Services vehicles

WeTrackOn Features

Need NO Engineering to Operate this. Simple and Easy Navigation

Route Optimization

Our Route Optimization techniques can help you to minimize travel time, fuel costs and get more work done.

Custom ETA Caliculation

Out Cutom ETA Logic will take the preious history of the vehicle/ simillar vehicles in that route.

Vehicle/Driver/Freight Performance

The application lets you see , how your Driver or Vehicle is performing in comparision to the industry beanch marks.

Analytical Insights

Our specialized Analytical dashboards will give better view of the Freight in realtime.

Realitime Alerting

Out subscription based alerting model lets users to enable or diable alerting any time in each category.

Realtime Tracking

The Users can see the live location of the entire freight in real time with proper alerting in place.

1.5+ Million
Trips tracked Monthly.
Active Vehciles being tracked right now.
1.2 Billion+
Kms Tracked Monthly.
Downloaded our Tracking Mobile Apps.

Get Support Stright from Mobile App.

Users can submit support tickets and check status stright from their application. Our support enginners will help you out to gain maximum benifit out of 'We Track On' options.

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